KOKOMO, Ind.- Kokomo Police are investigating a spree of catalytic converter thefts where thieves targeted restaurants, businesses, and even a church.

“It’s frustrating,” said Sharon Daniel, Executive Director New Life Church.

Less than 24 hours after picking up church members for Sunday service, New Life Church bus is now out of commission. Sometime overnight someone stole the bus’s catalytic converter. Now the church is left paying the repair bill.

“It’s costly to the church because we have deductibles and the time it’s down and those things,” said Daniel.

The bus was parked feet away from the parsonage and the church building. This is the third time in the past year and a half the catalytic converter has been stolen from the church’s bus.

“I don’t know if it’s that surprising in our economy and what’s happening all around us,” said Daniel.

Kokomo Police received 19 reports of stolen catalytic converters over the past two days. Thirteen were stolen from the Kokomo Auto Supply off Home Avenue. 

In most cases, it only takes thieves a few minutes to steal the catalytic converter. Then they can cash in on the precious metals it contains.

“Stop. It’s costly. We aren’t able to do the things we need to do,” said Daniel.

A group is supposed to be taking the church bus on a trip to Tennessee next week. Right now, it’s uncertain if the bus will be fixed by then.  The pastor is tired of thieves targeting her church.

“They need to be caught,” said Daniel.

If you know anything that could help detectives track down the thieves, call Kokomo Police.