Christian Park neighbors seek creative methods to stop speeding on their streets


INDIANAPOLIS — Homeowners in a Christian Park neighborhood are determined to find solutions to drivers speeding through their streets. They turned to the city for help first but are now looking for alternative methods.

“We are going on about one year now in total,” said neighbor David Bishop about their struggles for help. “Started filling out MAC (Mayor’s Action Line) reports through the request Indy App like I have been told to by fellow neighbors. Typically, on a normal day, especially early morning, we have probably 50 to 60 mph [drivers] come ripping through here.”

The issues are happening along Brookville Road. Indy Department of Public Works (DPW) sent out engineers to inspect the issues only to determine there was adequate signage to keep speeds in check.

“The thing that a lot of people don’t understand about signage is it is federal standardized,” explained Ben Easley with DPW. “It’s nothing personal if we say, ‘No, it doesn’t make sense for this location.’ It’s more often we can’t put something right there.”

DPW suggests neighbors take matters into their own hands by placing slow down signs in their yards or trying to plant trees in the right of way.

“Studies have suggested that if trees are closer to a road or avenue, that it has a calming effect because it feels tighter around the driver,” added Easley.

Neighbors along Brookville Road are working with a company called Health By Design. They specialize in tactical urbanism. The term refers to findings low cost solutions to problems in environments that are already built.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) also offers programs to help neighbors get trees planted in the right of way or the tree lawn. It’s free of charge, and they take care of the maintenance.

“[The tree lawn] that’s typically the space between where the street ends and the sidewalk starts,” detailed Kristina Uland, senior vice president of Development and External Affairs with KIB, “Right now we are actually looking for neighborhoods to let us know they need trees. A member of our forestry team will have a look at your neighborhood to see what space is available for planting, and what type of species should go there.”

Neighbors along Brookville will be holding a meeting with Health by Design and DPW on November 2 at 6:30 pm. It will be at the Christian Park Community Center.

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