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INDIANAPOLIS — Noblesville mom and former teacher Marya Sherron was the second castaway voted off this season of “Survivor” Wednesday night.

She’s actually the third season 42 contestant to depart the show. Zach Wurtenberger was voted out in the premiere episode, and Jackson Fox was asked to leave Fiji shortly after filming started because he had failed to disclose a medication he was taking, creating a safety issue.

At tribal council in Wednesday night’s episode, it came down to Noblesville’s Sherron and fellow Taku tribe contestant Maryanne Oketch for elimination. Ultimately, it was Sherron who had to pack up and leave the island.

Sherron, 47, has been a fan of “Survivor” since the beginning, but competing on the show was never part of her plan, she told CBS4 in an interview before the season. The audition tape she did in 2020 with her youngest son, Dylan, was more of a teachable moment after he appeared nervous to do it.

“In the video, my hair is all over the place; I didn’t rehearse or anything. Really the point was not to get cast. The point was to show him, you know, we gotta conquer these fears.”

When she eventually got the call, though — after a long break in production due to the pandemic — things had changed and she decided to go for it.

Sherron’s brother, New York city nurse Kious Kelly, was one of the first healthcare workers in the country to die from COVID-19.

“You know there’s before and there’s after that. I just woke up and it just shook me awake in such a powerful way,” she said. “[When I got the call], I knew instantly in my spirit, in my heart, you need to do this. “This is terrifying and the idea is ludicrous for me, but there’s something about this that you need to go see and do and conquer.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS4.