Former special education teacher charged with child molestation after incident in Alexandria Monroe HS classroom

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ALEXANDRIA, Ind. — A former special education teacher at Alexandria Monroe High School has been charged with child molestation.

Prosecutors in Madison County say police first went to the high school in mid-March to investigate a possible inappropriate physical relationship between Daniel Kuhn, 36, and a 12-year-old student with special needs.

According to court documents, a coworker said he let himself into Kuhn’s classroom to ask about using a printer. When he saw Kuhn was not in the main classroom, he went into a secondary “sensory” room and found Kuhn inside with a student.

The coworker stated Kuhn and the student were sitting next to each other on the floor when they were found. The witness then described Kuhn as “acting very nervous,” “stammering over himself,” and “reluctant to come out of the sensory room.”

Court documents then show that the coworker told investigators that he was “fairly certain” Kuhn was visibly aroused when he came out of the room.

After the incident, the coworker went to AMHS principal Tom Johns. Johns then put Kuhn on administrative leave while the administration conducted an investigation.

Another coworker then came forward saying she also had an incident involving Kuhn and the same student alone together in the sensory room.

The witnesses said both incidents happened late in the school day when Kuhn was alone with the students.

During the school’s investigation, it was discovered a key had been broken off in the lock of one of the classroom’s doors. Kuhn admitted to the principal he had broken the lock but said it was “to prevent sport teams from entering the classroom,” according to court documents.

An examination of Kuhn’s work computer was found it was wiped clean with a factory reset the day he went on administrative leave.

When interviewed as part of the investigation, the student said sometimes she would sit in Kuhn’s lap while he sat in a rocking chair.

School officials said the 12-year-old student has a “moderate intellectual disability,” and her brain development is significantly delayed when compared to most 12-year-olds.

The Alexandria Community School Corporation began the process of terminating Kuhn’s contract while he was under investigation. He formally submitted a letter of resignation at a school board meeting before charges were filed by the Madison County prosecutor’s office.

Kuhn was charged with child molestation, a level 4 felony. After those charges were announced, a second child in the same classroom came forward with similar allegations against Kuhn. No charges have been filed involving the second student, but a probable cause affidavit has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

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