HENRY COUNTY, Ind. — An Anderson man has been accused of exchanging lewd photos with a 12-year-old Henry County girl in June.

James D. Jennings, 40, faces one count of vicarious sexual gratification, two counts of disseminating matters harmful to minors, and seven counts of possession of child pornography.

Charging documents revealed that Jennings exchanged more than 2,000 text messages that included explicit pictures with a 12-year-old girl between June 17 and June 29.

The girl told investigators she was in a group chat with her friends, and Jennings’ number was accidentally added. Court documents said the girl and Jennings started texting privately outside the group chat. During that time, the girl’s parents took the phone away as punishment. They later learned about the conversation that the girl and Jennings were having.

One of the photos of Jennings showed him wearing a hat that was part of his apparel at the Anderson restaurant, where he was employed as a dishwasher, according to the court documents.

During another chat, Jennings stated, “Tell me if I’m going too far.” He also asked her for a picture and later sent one of himself from the neck up. According to court documents, the girl sent a picture, and he told her she was beautiful and pretty. While asking for explicit photos from the girl, Jennings stated that he allegedly discussed his desire to have sexual relations with her.

On July 27, a Henry County sheriff’s deputy went to Jennings’ place of employment in Anderson and he agreed to meet with investigators. However, Jennings did not attend a planned meeting the following day.

Jennings was later arrested at his home. He admitted that he was talking to the girl and sent explicit pictures. However, Jennings allegedly told investigators he did not ask for or receive any photos from the girl.

Jennings is being held at the Henry County jail on a $67,500 bond. His trial has been scheduled for Nov. 20.