CDC declares eviction moratorium until end of the year for those who apply


INDIANAPOLIS — Rent is due Thursday and small claims courts in Marion County are still receiving several eviction filings. However, a new declaration by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control could prevent an eviction.

“Today (Wednesday) there were 32 filings in small claims courts in Marion County. You can estimate probably 90 percent of those or so are eviction cases,” said Staff Attorney and Director of Housing and Consumer Justice, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, Chase Haller.

Haller says each day adds more filings since Indiana ended its eviction moratorium. However, the new declaration by the CDC is helping residents who can’t pay.

“It allows a longer time for the landlords and the tenants to work out the discrepancy,” said Hocker & Associates LLC, Landlord Attorney, Kathleen Crebo.

The tenant has to fill out a declaration form and submit it to their landlord. That protects the renter from getting evicted and means the landlord can accept some payments for the upkeep of the home.

“The landlord or the owner of the building would still make payments to keep up the building. Whether there’s an underlying mortgage on the parcel, the landlord is still required to make those payments to maintain the structure or maintain the residents,” said Crebo.

Before the declaration, if a landlord filed for eviction, they wouldn’t be able to accept any payments or the case would be dismissed. That’s not the case this time around.

For those still trying to pay rent there are other options available if you call 211.

For landlords, IndyRent offers assistance in making payment for tenants directly to the landlord but there are qualifications.

“In the meantime, there are some rental assistance programs, that you know if somebody dials 211 that probably the best-centralized resource,” said Haller.

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