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CBS4 viewers upset with the conditions at a Whitestown cemetery

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WHITESTOWN, Ind. – Customers are upset over the grounds and conditions at a local cemetery.

Rebecca Hall and Camille Wheeler have several family members buried at Lincoln Memory Gardens. They called the CBS4 Problem Solvers for help, saying no one else has responded to their concerns.

“The bricks that build up around the hill are falling down and caving in. There are holes where you can literally see down and see the caskets,” Wheeler said. “There are just weird, random boards placed over grave sites.”

Wheeler listed a bunch of issues.

“There is still no railing for the steps,” she added. “It’s just very disturbing.”

Hall met CBS4 at the cemetery and handed over pictures. In them, she pointed out, you see headstones that have been displaced and are feet away from where they should be.

CBS4 toured the grounds as well. While we were there, we saw tire tracks through a resting area, a headstone pulled out of the ground and cracked in half, a huge tree limb that had fallen on a final resting spot and major flooding in the back of the property.

Jenny Adams, the cemetery administrator, commented about the status of the grounds.

“We are down a supervisor,” she said. “So, our maintenance people are understaffed.”

CBS4 asked why the grounds are in such disarray.

“I really can’t comment on anything else because I’m not for sure,” Adams answered.

Adams admitted that the flooding on the property is “horrendous,” but said they are trying to remedy the problem as fast as they can. When asked whether the corporate owner or manager has seen Lincoln Memory Gardens recently, Adams didn’t know.

CBS4 called Stonemor, who prides itself as being the “second largest network of cemeteries and funeral homes in the United States,” responded with a statement:

“We are aware of the conditions at Lincoln Memory Gardens. The rain and ice that has occurred has made it difficult to rectify as quickly as we would like. We are pumping water out of these areas and moving ice in an effort to stop additional damage. This takes time as some of these efforts can cause more damage to grounds already saturated. We are hoping to address all concerns as quickly as possible.”

Stonemor promised to contact Hall about her concerns directly. As of this publishing, Hall said a manager had reached out and that someone was going to review the grounds and would be back in touch.

“I’m glad we’re not going to be buried here,” Hall told her husband as they left the cemetery. “I don’t want my last days to be in a cemetery that is not taken care of.”

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