CBS4 gets behind the scenes look at NCIS: New Orleans

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(May 5, 2015) — Murder, the U.S. Navy and New Orleans.  Those are the three key elements that have viewers glues to CBS4 every Tuesday night.

Recently, CBS4 Morning News Anchor Marianne Lyles traveled to the Big Easy for a behind-the-scenes look at NCIS: New Orleans.

The show’s main character is Special Agent Dwayne Pride and it’s played by Scott Bakula.  The long-time actor doesn’t just give a performance, he also gives input on scripts and story lines.

“ There was a scene earlier in the year where Brody, Zoe McClellan`s character, is about to have her throat slit and there`s a guy behind her and I take him out,” said Bakula.  “I just reshaped that to, she just stood there and I asked if she was ok and she said yeah.  She had tears streaming down her face, but she was her own woman. “

Zoe McLellan said she was quick to accept Bakula’s advice and direction.  However, shooting in New Orleans took a little getting used to because McLellan said there are issues viewers never see like how the actors struggle with the heat and humidity.

“So I found drinking raw coconut water in the morning because there were a few days in the beginning where I almost passed out from the Kevlar and black and running and everything,” said McLellan.

The entire show is shot in New Orleans.  It’s a city that actually attracts a lot of films and television shows because of the tax breaks.  For NCIS: New Orleans, many of the actors have really made this southern city their new home.  CCH Pounder, who plays Dr. Loretta Wade, said family is really important to her, but her own husband can barely watch the work she does on the hit show.

“My husband doesn`t watch anything with blood. This is how he watched NCIS,” Pounder said as she covered her face mimicking her husband.  “Did they move it? Did they move the body yet?”

The first of the 2-part season finale airs Tuesday May 5th at 9 p.m. on CBS4.

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