CBS4 finds Hoosiers among millions waiting for IRS to process last year’s taxes


INDIANAPOLIS — Despite being in the middle of the 2020 tax season already, CBS4 heard from a number of Hoosiers who can’t get answers about refunds from last year.

Janet Riley filed her 2019 taxes last April, a few months after she lost her husband. It took more than six months and a call to Senator Todd Young’s office to find out why she never got her return.

“They had locked my taxes because my husband had died and (said) that there wasn’t anything that I could do or should do,” Riley said.

Riley was told she has to wait for the IRS to process her case. In the meantime, she’s already filed this year’s taxes.

“Just to not be able to do anything was very frustrating,” Riley said.

She’s not alone. CBS4 heard from other Hoosiers with the same problem, including Shoshanna Corner, Phyllis Junger and Richard Thompson. All three, plus Riley, mailed in last year’s taxes. They all had some kind of problem that the IRS needed to correct.

“They’re telling me that it’s sitting on somebody’s desk waiting to be processed,” Thompson said.

Corner and Junger both received letters from the IRS asking for more information. They each sent that information last year, but have yet to see their refunds.

“They run my information but then nothing comes up, and I’ve been told that means that it hasn’t been processed yet,” Corner said.

“It continues to say we’re still processing your refund,” Junger said. “I feel like I’ve done all I can do”

CBS4 took their concerns to an IRS spokesperson, who confirmed there are around six million 2019 returns that the agency still needs to process. In an emailed statement, the spokesperson said in part, “Other than responding to any requests for information promptly, there’s no action you can take.”

Like Riley, Hoosiers’ best option could be to contact Senator Young’s office.

“We’ve already helped over 500 Hoosiers with this problem as it relates to the 2019 tax year. We’re going to continue to press the IRS to process all these claims,” Young said.

None of the people who contacted CBS4 received a timeline from the IRS for when they should receive last year’s money.

“We’re filing 2020, how long do we got to wait?” Thompson said.

“I can live without that money but it would be helpful to have it and I feel like I’m entitled to it,” Riley said. “I do hope I get it sometime soon.”

You can read more from the IRS at the link here.

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