INDIANAPOLIS — Welcome to the first edition to our new series “Adulting 101”. This series is meant for those who feel as if they don’t quite have “adulting” figured out yet. Whether you’re 20 or 70, we always are learning. What better things to learn than things we should have learned in school! This is “Adulting 101”.

Changing a tire: Some call their dad, a mechanic, or simply sit and wait for a friend to show up. Yes, most of us utilize our cellphones to phone a friend, but what if you have no cell service? What are you going to do then? Simple. You need to learn the skill.

Mike Pruitt, deputy chief of the Bargersville Fire Department, breaks things down simply for us with amazing visuals by Bargersville firefighter Matt Beck to show us just what to do. You won’t believe what step #1 is, folks.