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FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, Ind. – There was a bizarre finding in Franklin Township this week. A dead cat’s severe injuries lead many to think the animal was brutally killed by a human.

Franklin Township is known for having coyote issues; the neighborhood has dozens of missing cats. DNR officials took one look at these graphic and disturbing images and determined no animal was capable of doing this.

“I’m sure the children saw this in the morning as they were getting up to go out to the bus,” said Kendra Eldridge.

Eldridge, who lives near where the cat was discovered, took pictures of it and shared it on a community Facebook page Wednesday. She discovered a cat seemingly cut in half. She found two parts, clean cut, sitting at a school bus stop in her Franklin Township neighborhood.

“There wasn’t any blood laying around either which was kind of odd. It was a very clean cut and I tried to get a little bit closer to take a picture, to me it did not look like something that had been attacked by an animal,” she said.

Police are looking into this, but since Eldridge posted the pictures, she says people have come forward with other disturbing stories of potential animal abuse.

“Reporting it obviously can help establish patterns, if they see this type of behavior going on in other places, they actually can piece together what might be going on,” she said.

For the Eldridge family, who are animal lovers with multiple cats, they fear something this gruesome could happen again.

“There are so many pets that just kind of– a lot of cats either live outdoors or spend time outdoors,” she said.

Animal Control officials say the key is to keep your pets inside and if you do let them out, watch them closely.

Also, put in a tracking microchip. This cat did not have one and as a result, IMPD is having trouble locating its owner.