Castleton Square Mall adds security after brawl

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Jan. 10, 2015) – Castleton Square Mall is working to make shoppers feel safe after a fight broke out last weekend. On saturday, extra security was visible the moment you walked inside the mall.

Security guards stood at the mall entrance and patroled the shopping center on segways. The code of conduct is also clearly posted at the entrance.

The mall appeared to be pretty busy on Saturday, evidence that the brawl didn’t keep shoppers away.

Nova Christie stopped by to meet a friend at the food court and grab a movie. She noticed the extra security and said she felt safe.

“I think you should be able to come back and not be afraid from one incident so that’s why I came back cause I’m not afraid,” said Christie.

A representative with Simon Malls said there were anywhere from 10 to 18 security guards on hand. In addition to private securtiy, IMPD is offering assistance and increasing partols. Several IMPD cars were spotted in the parking lot Friday and Saturday night.

Chief Rick Hite stopped by the mall to walk around inside and talk with parents.

“You saw a sign of relief of people who walked through and thanked us for being there but we also talked about how important it is for parents to be parents and the kids need to understand boundaries,” said Hite.

The fight also raised concerns for several neighborhoods located close to the mall. The Ivy Hills Residents’ Association is working on a way to get involved. Several residents have reached out to their city councilwoman and other public officials.

“It was kind of a springboard or a sounding board that allowed other residents to voice there thoughts and we all agreed that there’s kind of a groundswell of activity or interest in making sure that we preserve and protect the Castleton area,” said Jonathan Eriksen, spokesperson for Ivy Hills.

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