Carmel paid $238,000 for outdoor ice rink chiller, now needs $374,500 to lower the noise

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CARMEL, Ind. — The sound of ice skates and Christmas music can be heard loud and clear at the Carmel Christkindlmarkt, but down the road at a nearby apartment complex, residents hear a much different sound.

“It was pretty obnoxious before,” said nearby resident Steve Furry,

The chiller that helps keep the ice rink cold also comes with a lot of noise.  After installing it back in 2017, the city began hearing complaints from people living in the nearby apartments.

Residents say the city did work and made some fixes, and it has helped.

“It’s not really that obnoxious anymore,” Furry said. “It’s much, much better. I mean, you can barely hear it.”

With even more apartments being built nearby, the city felt it was time to lower the noise even more, allocating $275,000 from the general fund to help pay for the $374,500 noise mitigation system. This is on top of the $238,000 it cost to install the system back in 2017.

“It’s a highly residential area, and people’s comfort is going to be really important,” said Carmel resident Colletta Bryce. “If we’re not taking from something that’s a lot more essential, then I say we spend the money to take care of it.”

In the summer, the chiller also helps cool government building such as city hall, the police and fire headquarters, and the palladium. The city says they felt responsible to fix the issue, hoping to make downtown a popular place to live.

“If we’re taking away from some other essential types of things then I might consider it more,” Bryce said. “But if it’s part of making the community better, I support that.”

Construction on the new noise mitigation system is set to start next week and should take roughly three weeks to complete.

The City says it will have no impact on the ice rink or the Christkindlmarkt.

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