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CARMEL, Ind. – A Carmel mom is making sure her son’s legacy lives on by using his favorite toys, Hot Wheels. Throughout the month of December, Tracey Blackmore is hiding 200 Hot Wheels cars all over town.

“It’s mostly about spreading the love. We need so much more love in this world,” said Tracey Blackmore, Brooks’ mother.

In June of 2015, Brooks Blackmore was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors found two stage 4 brain tumors. Brooks did everything he could to get rid of the tumors. The 6-year-old even tried naming them.

“He would always say ‘Go away bob! Poopy Bob, you stink,’” explained Blackmore.

In May, the tumors became too aggressive for Brooks.

“It’s easy to sit around and be sad all the time, but the way I feel Brooks the most is through being happy and joy and helping others and I feel him close to me,” said Blackmore.

Brooks loved Hot Wheels and it helped him through his tough days.

“This kid would go to radiation, then go to chemo and come home hardly hold his head up. He would say, ‘Mom can we go to target to get a hot wheel?’ So of course, I would pack him and go,” said Blackmore.

Brooks’s mom is hiding the Hot Wheels all over town: at schools, in restaurant highchairs, in shopping carts, etc. The toy cars will be hidden throughout December, Brooks’s birthday month.

Inside the bag with the hidden Hot Wheels is one of Brooks’s paintings, a little about him and about St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a childhood cancer research organization.

“We need a cure and this is a way to combine it all,” said Blackmore.

Since Brooks’s passed away, his family has helped raise nearly $20,000 for childhood cancer research.

The month long random act of kindness is a reminder.

“Just for parents to love your kids, be patient and cherish every moment,” said Blackmore.

This mom wants the lucky strangers who happen to find a Hot Wheels car to be inspired, to smile and to know if they’re going through a fight to be bigger than brave.  Be Brooks Brave.

“We’re here, we are hurting, but we are making it. We still have hope, hope that we will see him again,” said Blackmore.

Brooks’s mom is asking anyone who finds a Hot Wheels car to write about their story on Brooks’s Facebook page.