LAWRENCE, Ind.- This weekend thousands of runners from 43 states will hit the streets for the Carmel Marathon.  This year, the race will mark a special milestone for a central Indiana runner. 

This will be Keely Sloo’s 50th full marathon.

“Every marathon I do is honestly kind of a gift, the fact that even my body has held up this long,” said Keely Sloo, a marathon runner.

Keely ran her first marathon when she was 26-years-old.

“What’s funny is, when I finished, I said I’ll never do that again,” said Sloo.

Well, she did it again. And again. And again.  Keely is now 41 years old and a mother of four little boys. The youngest is just 8 months old. All the chaos makes her runs more about a time to relax.

“It makes me a better mom. I think because I have something for myself and when I get really stressed, running to me is more about stress relief than anything,” said Sloo.

She’s done marathons across the country.  From Nevada to Florida, a lot of miles here in the Midwest.  Just a few days ago, Keely did the St. Louis Marathon, which means back-to-back weekends of 26.2 miles.

“The thing about running is, it’s not competing with anybody else. There are tons of people that beat me, that are faster than me, better than me but it’s just more about enjoying it and competing with yourself,” said Sloo.

Keely never runs for a finish time, instead she runs for the feeling of the finish line.

“I think it’s not even a matter of being proud, I think it’s more grateful that I get to do it,” said Sloo.

50 marathons in 15 years.  No matter what race or what mile, this mom has one rule.

“I just keep thinking keep moving and keep going,” said Sloo.

Keely plans to keep running as long as her body allows her to.  Her ultimate goal is a 100-mile race.