Carmel company develops new hand washing device that uses ozone to kill viruses and bacteria


CARMEL, Ind. — A new hand washing device developed in Carmel is making breakthroughs in attacking the coronavirus, especially the highly contagious delta variant.

The device is called the Iggy, and is created by 3Oe Scientific. It uses ozone in water to kill viruses, bacteria, and spores. Their tests in Food Drug & Administration (FDA) approved labs have shown that ozone kills more than 99% of coronaviruses. This includes the delta variant.

“I think we are learning almost day-to-day with this delta variant. We believe that half the COVID-19 we see in our area is delta variant,” says IU medical professor Dr. Brian Leon. “We had a nice dip back in May, and now we are exceeding those numbers. Our hospital quite frankly is starting to get busy again.”

A user only has to put their hands in the Iggy machine for seven seconds, and no soap is required. The only byproduct from the ozone is more oxygen and a smell similar to the air following a thunderstorm.

“We take regular tap water, and out of that regular tap water, we create ozone out of the H2O. O3 doesn’t like to stay together. It likes to go back to oxygen. They are radical trying to break apart, and next biological thing it comes in contact with it punches a hole right through that membrane of a virus, bacteria, spore, all of those things,” explains 3Oe CEO Dr. Tom Foust.

The Iggy is already in more than 60 schools in Atlanta, as well as city buildings in Carmel, and Hancock County Hospital Wellness Centers. They are in talks to bring them to Indiana schools as well.

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