Carmel Clay Schools hosts safety academy for parents

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CARMEL, Ind. — Safety at school is always a top priority for parents, but how it’s executed isn’t always made clear. Carmel Clay Schools is giving parents the chance to learn more about what its doing with a Parent School Safety Academy.

This is a unique opportunity for parents to come in and learn some of the basic fundamentals and principles of school safety,” said David Woodward, Director of Student Services for Carmel Clay Schools. “It also gives us the opportunity to learn from them.”

At the academy parents get insight about what’s going on in school when it comes to safety. They learn about safety principles, school response protocols, even what schools are doing when it comes to violence in the classroom.

“The goal is that we have a better-educated parent population,” said Woodward. “A lot of times when parents hear a word or safety term it promotes anxiety because they don’t know what it means.”

Laura Jarred is a parent of a Carmel student. She says she enrolled because of the school shooting that happened in Noblesville more than a year ago.

“I think from a prevention standpoint, I think it’s important that parents are involved with their kids and talk to them about how they stay safe,” she said.

The real goal of the academy is to keep parents in the know about what’s going on at the school and how it is keeping children safe, so that parents know what’s going on with the child every day.

But it’s also a place where parents can talk to the administration about their concerns when it comes to safety.

“I learned that Carmel is doing a very good job of safety and mental health as best as they can,” said Jarred. “But there are some major gaps in their safety system.”

It’s at the academy where parents can express their concerns about the gaps and give administrators some ideas about how they can improve from their point-of-view. And the staff welcomes the feedback.

“I think parents can help students and the community by getting educated,” said Woodward. “What are the guiding principles for safety? What are our schools doing?”

Carmel Clay Schools holds School Safety Academies every semester. Next semester’s sign-ups aren’t open yet.

To learn more about the program, click here.

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