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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are investigating after a car exploded on Indy’s east side and seriously injured a woman.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the explosion occurred this morning near the intersection of E. 26th Street and Adams Street.

“All I know, I heard boom,” said John Holland.  “I looked out here and it looked like a war zone was happening.”

John Holland was enjoying his morning coffee when all his windows suddenly blew out after a car had exploded in the street right in front of his home.

“The back door blown plum open. I ain’t seen nothing like this, but on TV,” said Holland.

After the explosion, the victim’s car rolled to a stop at end of the block.

“As she was coming down the street, it blew up and sent her on down the street,” said Holland.

“I never ever heard anything like that before, it was unreal,” said neighbor Virginia John.

Neighbors like Virginia came out and watched as fire crews had to cut the victim out of the car.

The woman was awake and complaining of hearing loss.

“They was saying she couldn’t hear.  I guess not.  That’s a big boom to be in the car,” said Virginia.

Investigators believe the explosion may have been the result of welding equipment igniting.

“They said she had an oxygen tank in her car and it blew up.  She’s lucky she’s alive,” said Holland.

While the victim crashed into another car, it’s not clear which came first, the crash or the explosion.

According to the police report, the woman told police she went to turn on the radio and that’s when the car blew up.

Whatever the cause, John knows the result could have been a lot worse.

“All this can be replaced, but I can’t, so that’s a blessing,” said Holland.  “I’m alive.  I can get in there and finish my coffee and have a good day.”

Arson investigators and Explosive Ordinance Disposal stated accidental causes for the explosion could not be ruled out.