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INDIANAPOLIS — A candidate for the Republican primary race in Indiana House District 32 is asking for a recount after a close finish on election day.

The Indiana Secretary of State confirmed Suzie Jaworowski filed for the recount Tuesday, the final day candidates had to request one. Under Indiana law, a candidate has until noon 14 days from election day to file a request for a recount.

“Elections are the bedrock for representation of the people in our Democracy. It is vital that election results are absolutely correct and reflect the will of the people,” Secretary Sullivan said. “The recount process is another step Indiana takes to protect electoral integrity and maintain confidence for voters and candidates.”

The race for the Republican nomination in the race came down to a close finish on May 3. Only six votes separated Jaworowski from the winner, Fred Glynn.

This is the first recount filed on the state level connected with the 2022 primary election. The recount team will perform a manual recount of each vote cast and identify any disputed ballots. Representatives from each candidate will have the opportunity to argue the validity of any disputed votes.