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CARMEL, Ind. —  Health officials around the country continue to worry about their life-saving medical supplies that are in dangerously short supply amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But now some Hoosiers are stepping up to meet the demand using skills they already have.

It’s a DIY that crafters have taken on to fight back against the coronavirus by making homemade face masks.

“With all the technology we have, I never really dreamed we would be at this point. But I’m willing to help,” said Carmel resident Mary Wetterer.

Wetterer is one many Americans these days spending her time at the sewing machine and using her stockpile of fabric for a very valuable mission.

It’s a movement that’s caught on all across the country. People are posting their homemade masks on Twitter and Facebook, and encouraging others to join in.

“You can do it as long as you have some basic sewing supplies and a sewing machine,” Wetter explained.

Frankfort resident Donna Toney is also making them for whoever is in need.

“These elderly people are so susceptible. They’re the ones who need them, and the nurses and doctors,” she said.

A do-it-yourself project helping heroes on the front lines with no clear end in sight.

“I’m just going to keep making them until I run out of the other supplies and see where it goes,” Wetterer said.

Eskenazi Hospital and Community Health Network are currently accepting homemade masks.

But not every hospital is accepting homemade masks, so you’ll have to check with them ahead of time.

The CDC warns these homemade masks won’t protect you as well as well as medical ones will.

They also encourage you to use it with filter inside or with a face shield.

To find out how to make them, click here.