Campaign kicks off looking to solve Indy’s unsolved murders

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 2 2015) -- Solving our city’s unsolved murders is the goal of a new campaign that kicked off Wednesday.

Leaders with the 10 Point Coalition started what they called the “Let’s Talk” campaign.

In broad daylight on north Capitol Avenue, someone killed Gregory Wilson Jr.

“The pain as parent you feel is overwhelming. You can’t eat and you can’t sleep. All you think about is your lost loved one,” said Gregory Wilson Sr.

A knock at the door, followed by gunshots at a home in late October left aspiring musician Richard Noel Jr. dead.

His father still feels the pain.

“The pain is something that can’t be put in words. There’s an emptiness in my life now,” said Richard Noel Sr.

A drive-by shooting on Graceland killed an innocent boy, 10-year-old DeShaun Swanson.

His mom struggles to sleep with the loss.

“My baby 10 years old and he did not deserve that and someone needs to be punished. I can’t eat and I can’t sleep. This is unfair,” said Swanson’s mother Shannon Swanson.

In late August in the Butler Tarkington neighborhood, a gunman murdered Clarence Havvard Jr.

All four of those murders remain unsolved.

“We need to get together and find out who these people are so we can clean our community up,” said Clarence Havvard Sr.

Those four families got together with the 10 Point Coalition to remind the entire community of the importance of sharing information with police.

“We must not protect killers and allow them to roam freely in our city,” said Rev. Charles Harrison.

Right now there are more than 60 unsolved murders in the city this year.

The “Let’s Talk” campaign aims to bring that number down.

“We cannot solve a crime without community input,” said IMPD police chief Richard Hite.

“We gotta solve this thing. We can’t let people in the neighborhoods off the hook because they know whose done this,” said Wilson Sr.

“We’ve got to solve these murders. A 10 year old is killed and nobody is talking, that’s stupid,” said Noel Sr.

The “Let’s Talk” campaign doesn’t end today.

Leaders plan to hold a rally and march over the weekend.

Once again, anyone with information on any of the unsolved murders in the city is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

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