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SOUTHPORT, Ind. — A trip to the grocery store ended in frightening moments for a woman in Southport.

Lori Gordon says while picking up a prescription she heard a 76-year-old woman shouting at the Meijer on Southport Road.

“Went through the drive through, and as I was leaving, you got to go through the lot to get out, and I see this older woman screaming, ‘Help, stop, stop him! He’s got my purse!’ and she opened the door and was trying to get out so I just pulled up,” Gordonsaid.

Gordon says she tried to block the suspects in but they still tried to get out.

“They backed into me first, hit me here, that’s their red paint, and they bumped that a little bit and hit me on the side,” Gordon said.

They got away despite her efforts to follow them down the street.

“I was afraid they were going to hurt this woman. I was really scared for her,” Godon said.

She doesn’t want anyone to feel scared shopping for their groceries.

“I will meet them if they call me. I can come up to this parking lot and watch this parking lot while they go in, do what they got to do, and come back out,” Gordon said.

If you know anything about this case, call police.