BUTTER Art Fair highlights local and national Black artists


INDIANAPOLIS — More than 60 pieces of art from 38 Black artists, some local and some national, are finding a new home this weekend in the Stutz building in downtown Indianapolis.

“You’re going to see a lot of exceptional art from a lot of exceptional artists,” said Alan Bacon, the cofounder of GANGGANG, the group responsible for creating BUTTER.

“I was blown away, this is top shelf, highest of the highest caliber,” said Najee Dorsey, the creator of Black Art in America and a well-known artist in his own right.

This one-of-a-kind art fair is a first for Indy, the inaugural show will put local art on the same stage as world-renowned pieces.

“We’re really trying to focus on, in this moment, elevating our artists on this stage as being just fine artists no matter the color,” Bacon said.

Bacon said the reason the art fair is called BUTTER, is simple.

“Butter spreads, butter is essential, everyone has a relationship or story with butter,” he said. “So, we thought it was really appropriate for the art fair.”

Bacon and his team of volunteers have transformed a huge space in the old Stutz building in downtown Indy into an art fair, it’s no easy task and Bacon knows that.

“We have an amazing team of volunteers helping to produce this show, I mean this is a team of creatives that are producing a creative show for the city and you’ll enjoy it,” Bacon said.

Folks who come to BUTTER will also experience some exceptional and well-known artwork.

“Typically, some of the material that is here, that we brought, you’re only going to see this in museums,” said Dorsey.

He is responsible for bringing the national pieces to the fair. He said he has been really impressed with BUTTER.

“When I came in and saw the art up, the presentation and work, I knew immediately this is exactly what I had hoped it would be and it’s far exceeded my expectations,” Dorsey said.

Bacon said BUTTER is all about the artists.

“Every dime that is sold from those pieces of art is going right back to the artists,” he said.

Dorsey said this is a big opportunity for local artists.

“For emerging artists and contemporary artists of the day this is a prime opportunity,” he said.

Bacon says the anticipation and excitement for BUTTER is high, and there is good reason for it.

“Just to have our local artists on the same bill, on the same stage as these world-renowned artists just really elevates visual art here in Indianapolis and just really pleased to bring BUTTER to the city,” he said.

BUTTER is happening in the Stutz building from Friday, September 3 to Sunday, September 5. You can get tickets on the BUTTER website.

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