INDIANAPOLIS — Butler University is partnering with Come to Believe Network to create a two-year college that is expected to make the pursuit of higher education more affordable for underserved students.

According to communication from Butler, students enrolled in the program can expect to earn an associates degree with no debt or out-of-pocket expenses.

“Butler University was founded in 1855 on the fundamental principle that women and people of color should have equal access to higher education as white men, a radical vision for the era,” Butler President James Danko said.

Butler will begin enrolling students for the 2025 semester. Students will have the option of pursuing an associate’s degree in Business or Allied Health.

“Now, almost 150 years on, unequal access to higher education persists among certain segments of our population. It’s a significant problem that demands our attention. The ‘Come to Believe’ model is not only innovative in its approach, but it also has proven outcomes, resonating deeply with Butler’s original mission. We consider it an honor to be selected for participation in the Come To Believe Network. In collaboration, we are committed to transforming lives,” said Danko.

Most students enrolled in the program will be able to earn their bachelor’s degree for less than $10,000 at Butler.

To learn more about the program please view here.