Flyers threatening Brownsburg School Board members found after mask requirements change


Brownsburg High School

BROWNSBURG, Ind. – Disturbing flyers are circulating in Brownsburg showing men in masks holding guns calling school board members child abusers.

The flyers appeared after the school board voted in favor of face masks being worn at all times at schools, regardless of vaccination status.

The flyers have anti-mask statements and even going as far as to place photos of the board members with their addresses and phone numbers.

Earlier this week the Brownsburg School Board voted in favor of face masks after more than 1,100 students went into quarantine during the first few weeks of the school year. 

The decision came with praise and outrage from parents. Then there are the flyers.

“The content of the flyers were certainly negative,” said Dr Jim Snapp, Superintendent of the Brownsburg School Corporation.

They were placed around town — even on the front lawns of board members.

“They had photos of men masked with rifle and female masked with rifle,” Dr. Snapp said. “There were also some directed at board members that had courageously made this decision to do this for kids.”

Brownsburg Police are now working with the school corporation to ensure student and staff safety.

“I think everyone certainly wants to be cautious and safe when targeted in this cowardly manner,” Dr. Snapp said.

He says data, not intimidation, will determine future steps.

“Negative fallout, particularly from anonymous cowardly sources, is never a reason to revisit a well-thought-out, informed decision,” Dr. Snapp said.

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