Brownsburg senior living community residents say rate hikes are forcing them out

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BROWNSBURG, Ind. - Residents at a Brownsburg senior living community say their new owner is throwing them out onto the street.

"You can't just ask us to tell us reach over grab our ankles, and stick our head between our legs, and kiss our hineys goodbye. That's what they’ve done," Diane Bernhardt, a 15-year resident of the community, said.

For years, Roland Manor was run into the ground, and eventually, it was seized by the bank.

Around November of last year, occupancy was drastically low, so the old management dropped rates to prices that were too low to function. Core Development bought the property from the bank two weeks ago. They are renaming the Brownsburg location "Northfield" and the Plainfield location "Southfield."

"With utilities being included, free laundry, free housekeeping, free meals, no apartment living can accommodate that," new executive director Marci Seals said.

"They dropped the rates real, real low, and a lot of people moved into the same size apartments for half of what I was paying," Bernhardt said. "They said, 'Well, it's just business.' Yeah, monkey business."

Core Development was forced to return prices to market rates. The company is renovating the deteriorating buildings, bringing back amenities such as busing, and fixing the poor meal quality. They will pump millions of dollars into the project but will also raise rent drastically. For those residents who got the sweetheart deals in the fall, that can mean up to $1000.

"I thought about dragging my mattress down to this overpass over here and living underneath the bridge," Bernhardt said. "The only option is to get married to a rich old booger," she laughed. "I was married for 17 years, ain't going to happen again.”

"I've already made up my mind to go," said Cheryl Schmidt, who recently found a new place to live.

Core Development said they will honor all lease prices until they are up. If residents have to go month-to-month until they find a new place, they will help them out on pricing. Residents would like to see their rent remain the same until renovations are complete.

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