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BROWNSBURG, Ind. (Jan. 11, 2015) — A metro fire chief faces possible criminal charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated following a weekend car crash.

The chief of the Brownsburg Fire Territory was arrested Sunday night. He’s accused of being drunk behind the wheel.

The Brownsburg fire department released a statement explaining that chief Bill Brown was driving a department owned vehicle at the time of the wreck.

No one got hurt, but many who live in Brownsburg agree, the chief should know better than to commit such a dangerous crime.

“He should know right from wrong and there`s no gray area here. He was wrong,” said Brownsburg resident Kelly Odom.

The Brownsburg fire department website includes a letter from chief Brown asking the public to let him know when a member of the department fails their professional standards.

Most in Brownsburg agree the chief failed that test.

“He of all people should know better and should know the law and shouldn`t put others at a safety risk the way he did,” said Odom.

“I think he was wrong. I mean he shouldn`t have been doing it,” said another Brownsburg resident named Barbara.

The IMPD booked Brown into jail for having a blood alcohol over the legal limit.

Those in Brownsburg remain divided on whether the arrest should cost chief Brown his job.

“It happens. He`s human. We all have made poor decisions in our life and we move on,” said one resident.

“Just get rid of him,” said Barbara.

“He should probably lose his job. To be that high up, you shouldn`t even make that one mistake,” said Odom.

Chief Brown retired as battalion chief from the Indianapolis fire department before becoming the fire chief of Brownsburg in 2012.

His initial court hearing is set for Thursday.

A representative for Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the arrest is a reminder that no one is immune from poor decision making.

The Brownsburg Fire Department released the following statement about the arrest:

The Brownsburg Fire Territory Administration was notified on January 10, 2016 that Fire Chief Bill Brown was involved in an accident while driving his department owned vehicle and subsequently taken into custody by IMPD and charged with OWI.  There were no injuries or other vehicles involved.  The Brownsburg Fire Territory will handle this matter in accordance with our policies and procedures.