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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – A family in Brownsburg is looking for a man who they say saved them from a house fire.

Jeanann Stewart says she and her husband were asleep when they woke up to popping noises, smoke and someone banging on their front door.

“I don’t doubt for one second that his actions saved a lot,” said Jeanann Stewart, a fire victim.

Video from the Stewart’s Ring Doorbell shows a stranger banging on their front door and then seconds later you can see family members getting out of the home safely. The footage also shows the man on the phone.  He had called 911 to get firefighters on the way.

“He helped save our lives and definitely, that 911 call saved the lives of our neighbors because their house would’ve been up in flames too,” said Stewart.

The fire burnt the side of their neighbor’s home but didn’t damage the inside.

“I’m a faith based person so I fully believe God put him there for a purpose,” said Stewart.

Stewart says the man left after first responders arrived, but she wants to find him and say “thank you” to the perfect stranger.

“He means a lot to us right now and it would be great to hug him,” said Stewart.

Since our story aired, CBS 4 was able to find the man.  We put him and Stewart in contact with one another.