Bottleworks food hall on track to open in January despite pandemic

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Bottleworks District continues to evolve near Massachusetts Avenue despite the ongoing pandemic. A unique food hall is set to open there in January, which will be a welcome change after Downtown Indy Inc. says twelve restaurants have already closed in the downtown area.

“We know the state of our world, and we are so excited that we are going to bring that positive energy into the market,” remarks Nicole Ulrich, General Manager of the Garage Food Hall.

The space is 32,000 square foot space and will be able to hold more than 600 people.

“We are able to spread out tables, and distance throughout the space,” says Ulrich. 

The upcoming attraction will have retail, restaurants, and services that feature local small businesses. A number of the vendors are food trucks who are getting their first standalone locations.

“This is kind of where you grow. They are eager to share their story, and give the community a little love, right? Everybody needs it,” laughs Ulrich, “We wanted to make sure that we would support the region, and really focus on that.”

“A lot of times when people come to us they ask us where is our restaurant,” says Ruby Tregnago who co-owns Gaucho Fire, a food truck featuring Brazilian street food, “It’s kind of like our second step a little, moving up.”

By opening their first standalone location at the food hall, Gaucho Fire will be able to expand their menu. So far, they have been working through the pandemic by parking in different neighborhoods. Often, those neighborhoods reach out to them about coming.

“Since everyone is working from home, it afforded us the opportunity to go and travel everywhere,” says Tregnano.

So far the project has seen no delays due to the pandemic. In fact, the construction workers were deemed necessary during the height of the pandemic.

“We won’t know what the landscape looks like when we open in January, but we certainly are working together as a team,” adds Ulrich.

The Living Room Theatre at the Bottleworks site will be the first place to open in November, followed by the hotel there in December. The Garage Food Hall will come third in January.

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