Bloomington sees four water main breaks in one day


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Weather fluctuations may be to blame for a series of water main breaks in Bloomington.

“This time of the year we do see an increase in main breaks,” detailed Bloomington Utilities Communication Manager Holly McLauchlin.”It’s unusual to have more than one in a day.”

Utility crews are still investigating to see if there is another culprit besides the weather. The city has had five breaks over the past few days, including four on Monday.

Due to the severe cold, crews have had to lower water pressure to work, which has caused boil advisories in some instances.

McLauchlin suggests residents sign up for the Morgan County Alert System because that is how they will send out notices for boil advisories in certain neighborhoods. To join the program, you can sign up here.

Now is also the time for home owners to check their own water systems. Once a pipe thaws, that’s when water leaks become noticeable. Even the snow on the ground can be a threat.

“Now we are going to see temperatures in the 40s, so it’s going to melt, yet the ground is still frozen, and water has to go somewhere,” explained Matt Tyner, marketing director for Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber. “Sometimes that ends up in the home.”

Plumbing experts suggest homeowners make sure the sumps are working in their basements just in case water leaks occur.

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