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BLOOMINGTON — Bloomington Police are investigating a series of shootings that left four people injured early Saturday morning.

Officers were called at approximately 1:10 a.m. Saturday to the Kalao Restaurant & Nightclub in the 300 block of North Walnut Street, the Bloomington Police Department said. Multiple shots were fired inside the restaurant, hitting multiple people as they attempted to flee the building.

When BPD officers arrived, they located three male victims outside the restaurant with gunshot wounds. The victims, police said, were shot in the lower-level rear bar area of Kalao and had fled outside.

“We just hear two shots and everyone started running,” Indiana University junior Luciano McGowan said.

McGowan said he was on the dance floor with a friend when the shooting started. He said he immediately ran to find cover.

“I ran up to the VIP area and there was a back area where they hold all the liquor bottles and me along with 15 other people crammed ourselves into this one tiny room,” McGowan said.

Bloomington Police said surveillance video from inside the club shows the 41-year-old victim in an “altercation” with the suspect just before the shooting began.

A 26-year-old man was shot in his pelvis, the 41-year-old man had a gunshot wound to his upper thigh and a 22-year-old man was shot in his thigh, BPD said.

As of 5:40 p.m. Saturday, both the 41-year-old victim and the 26-year-old victim were hospitalized in stable condition and the 22-year-old victim had been treated and released from the hospital.

A second shooting occurred just a short time later in an alleyway southeast of the nightclub. At approximately 1:30 a.m., Bloomington dispatch received a call of a man shot in a parking lot near the intersection of 6th Street and Lincoln Street.

Upon arrival, officers located a 26-year-old male in the front passenger seat of a car with a gunshot wound to his abdomen. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is currently in critical condition, police said.

At this time, it is not known if the two shootings are related, BPD said. However, it is believed that the second shooting occurred near the alleyway that runs east and west between Kirkwood Avenue and 6th Street, police confirmed Saturday.

“I view it as like a very safe place and this is kind of very shocking to me,” McGowan said. “It really shook me up in the moment because I never thought it could happen in Bloomington.”

Anyone with information regarding the second shooting is asked to contact BPD Detective Jon Muscato at (812) 349-3325.