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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Police in Bloomington arrested more than a dozen people as part of an investigation into drug dealing in the area.

The investigation began in September, when detectives targeted suspected opioid dealers, according to the Bloomington Police Department. Investigators believed drugs were being brought to Bloomington from Chicago, including heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine.

Capt. Steve Kellams said many of the people arrested in the case have ties to the Chicago area. Undercover officers and confidential informants carried out a series of drug purchases while detectives observed through surveillance.

“This was a  lot of good work by our detectives, putting in time to identify the suspects and make those arrests.  We are trying to make this a less attractive area to deal drugs in,” said Bloomington Police Department Captain Steve Kellams.

The operation included assistance from the Indiana State Police, Ellettsville Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency and U.S. Marshals Service.


Police recovered a rifle, a shotgun, three handguns, a stolen handgun and a stolen motorcycle during the investigation. They also seized small amounts of heroin, cocaine and meth.

Police say the 13 suspects all had various levels of involvement in the drug ring.

“We look everywhere from those responsible for bringing drugs into the community, to people who were dealing on much smaller levels,” said Kellams.  “So we tied a lot of people up in this investigation.”

Captain Kellams admits overdoses involving heroin have been all too common in Bloomington and the hope is interrupting a heroin pipeline involving the 13 suspects helps cut down on the city’s overdose numbers.

“We had issues with overdoses last year in Bloomington.  Our focus is on making arrests and stopping those arrested from dealing drugs in our community,” said Kellams.

In addition to the 13 arrests, warrants have been issued for 5 additional suspects.

The following individuals have been arrested in connection with the investigation:

  • Tyrone M. Adams, 32, Bloomington: Two counts of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Lisa Michelle Edwards, 36, Bloomington: Two counts of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Brittney Nicole Embry, 28, Bloomington: Conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs and possession of a narcotic drug
  • Latoya Evans, 35, Bloomington: Possession of a narcotic drug
  • Colin Brandon-Aamond Humphries, 32, Griffith: Three counts of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Chad Pante, 39, Bloomington: Two counts of possession of a narcotic drug
  • Seth J. Patterson, 38, Ellettsville: Dealing in a narcotic drug, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of methamphetamine and obstruction of justice
  • Jessica Rhodes, 34, Spencer: Visiting a common nuisance and possession of a syringe
  • Shawna Roberts, 36, Bloomington: Arrested on a possession charge
  • Terrance D. Sanders, 19, Chicago Heights, Illinois: Three counts of dealing narcotic drugs and three counts of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Timothy D. Sanders, 25, Griffith: Three charges of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Chad Allen Sylvester, 25, Bloomington: Three counts of conspiracy to deal narcotic drugs
  • Kary Todd, 40, Solsberry: Arrested on a possession charge