Bloomington boutique owner needs help identifying burglar


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A burglar snuck into a Bloomington boutique and stole a computer along with merchandise. But the burglar probably didn’t expect the store owner to make her to mission to crack the case.

“I just took over the store July 1 from the previous owner who had just moved into this location in January,” explains Stephanie Topolgus, owner of Alibi. “I would like the deterrent of them being caught to stop other people from targeting this area.”

Early Monday morning, the suspect had no alibi when they broke into Alibi—the entire crime was caught on surveillance cameras. Topolgus says the suspect snuck through an open window while all her alarms were set and the doors were locked. She says police believe the person may have unlocked the window secretly while in the store earlier that day.

“When he came in, went straight to the computer. Immediately he began unplugging all the equipment from it,” details Topolgus. “He tried to pull the countertop out, so he could yank the cords out. I’m glad he couldn’t do it. That would have caused a lot of damage.”

The crook made off with her computer, along with expensive merchandise. Once she realized the computer was gone, she turned on the “Find My Mac” app that can pinpoint a registered computer’s location.

“It immediately came to the address in Hyde Park, which is just really the next left up the road,” says Topolgus.

She sent the address to police, but so far no one has been caught. If you think you recognize the person in the surveillance video, please contact Bloomington police.

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