Big weekend storm sees tree fall through the roof of a Bloomington music teacher’s home, teaching studio


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — While storms this weekend flooded parts of downtown Bloomington, it also left area homeowners with a mess to clean up.

“It just sounded like an earthquake. It sounded like a freight train. I thought it was a tornado,” said Audrey Williams, who had a massive tree smash through the roof of her recently purchased home.

“I saw the cat tower was missing, so I thought my cat was dead. I couldn’t leave — I just froze. Then I ran and banged on my neighbor’s door because I was still thinking it was a tornado.”

Williams just moved out of her apartment a month ago, and this was her first home. She is a private music teacher who was using a room in her house as a music studio to work with her students. When the tree came down Saturday morning, it destroyed the studio.

Williams immediately woke up to find the rain pouring in through her roof. Thankfully her instruments were in another room, but all of her books were destroyed.

“I’m not dead. I could have died,” recounted Williams while gesturing. “I mean my bedroom is right here, and this disaster is right here.”

Some of her friends, neighbors, and students came by to help clean up debris.

“I think what’s amazing is how many people have shown up,” added Williams. “I’m tired, but I’m grateful.”

Williams gets all of her income from her classes. Right now, those are on hold as she tends to her home, which is unlivable. She has moved back to her old apartment for the time being.

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