Benefit dinner for “Indianapolis Fire Buffs” Wednesday night

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Indianapolis, Ind. (July 15th, 2015) — The “Indianapolis Fire Buffs” are known for helping firefighters in our area — now you have the chance to support the volunteer group at a benefit dinner Wednesday night.

“Loughmiller’s Pub” downtown will host a dinner to help raise money for the non-profit. It’s a group of current or retired firefighters along with other supporters who help firefighters in any way they can.

Group leaders say you may be surprised to know that fire is not the biggest danger a firefighter faces — it’s actually the risk of heart attack or heat stroke, especially now during the summer when it’s humid and they’re moving with about 80 pounds of gear.

“When you’re baking a cake and you open the oven door and the heat hits you in the face – just imagine that, tenfold,” said retired firefighter and Indy Fire Buffs member Jim Williamson.

That’s why a big part of the group’s mission is to keep firefighters hydrated and nourished while they’re on scene. A good example would be the warehouse fire that happened on Belmont Ave. in 2013. Crews and investigators had to be there for a week, and Indianapolis Fire Buffs volunteers where right there with them, providing Gatorade and snacks to keep them going.

“Statistically, I was told that we help prevent heat injury and cold injury to about 12 – 14% with what we do,” Williamson said.

“I’ve been on both sides of the fence because I’ve been there when the guys show up to give me a bottle of water, and I know how grateful I was to have them there, because a lot of the times you don’t have anything,” Williamson.

The group has about 30 members and they also have a partnership with the Salvation Army. Besides responding to fires, the volunteers also offer help during dive runs, searches, hazmat incidents and other scenarios.

If you’d like to learn more about the Indy Fire Buffs, click here.

If you’d like to attend the the “Whiskey Dinner,” which includes a four-course meal with whiskey flavored food, contact Loughmiller’s Pub here.


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