Becoming a Grandparent: What’s changed in 30 years?!

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Nothing is better than our grandparents!

Thinking back to my childhood, my grandmothers played a large role in raising me and my siblings.  Sadly, I lost both of my grandfathers at a young age. However, I was lucky to get so many years with my Italian grandmother, 091615nonisLola.  She passed away this April at 90 years young (We miss you Nonis!).  Thankfully, my Irish grandmother, 091615niniNini, is still with us today – and she is FIERCE. She still tells ALL of us which way the sun sets (Hi Nini!).

It’s exciting to think about the role my parents will play in my children’s lives. The twins will be in good hands with Grandpa & Tuls.

BUT – What’s changed since my parents had me?

IU North offers a FREE grandparent class. The monthly class teaches grandparents-to-be about current labor, birth, newborn and breastfeeding care.

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Participant Cathy Muse says it's a great refresher course for all parents.

"It`s a good reminder that even though we`ve had parenting experience for many years and raised our children. It is always time to learn something new," said new grandparent Muse.

091615grandparents-be-like-memeRegistered nurse Diana Garino teaches the class. Garino says it helps grandparents become more confident with their care.

Garino says the biggest differences today for grandparents revolves around the safe sleep environment for baby. Now, baby should always be placed on his or her back and nothing else should be in the crib with the baby.

Additionally, Garino says breastfeeding is viewed differently. Today, evidence-based research suggests parents should breastfeed baby based on hunger cues, not necessarily on a fixed schedule.

Grandmother Cathy Muse says the best advice she learned during the class is the reminder that mom and dad need grandparent's support but not always their input.

"It really was good for me to be reminded that they are the parents and they are making the decisions and that`s how they will be the best in that role," said Muse.

Click here for more information about IU North's FREE grandparenting class.

Be sure to share YOUR parenting and grandparenting advice. I truly appreciate the support and insight!



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