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INDIANAPOLIS — A neighborhood on the city’s near southeast side is taking action to fight crime on their streets.

“This is my neighborhood, this is my home,” said Debbie Conway, a Bean Creek neighbor.  

Debbie Conway has called the Bean Creek neighborhood home since 2011. Lately, she says her streets aren’t as safe as they used to be.

“We are witnessing an increase in drug activity, robberies, home invasions. And we’ve had at least one homicide this summer — so that’s troubling to us,” said Conway.

Instead of just sitting back and waiting, Conway and her neighbors are standing up against the crime.

“It’s not going to change unless we do something like this,” said Conway.

The Bean Creek neighborhood reached out to Ten Point Coalition. Monday night, community members are learning how the crime fighting group is curing crime in other Indianapolis neighborhoods.

“Being present in an area where you have a lot of crime and violence is really a deterrent and most people don’t understand that,” said Reverend Charles Harrison, president of Ten Point Coalition.

Reverend Charles Harrison and the rest of the Ten Point Coalition team patrols the streets in several of the city’s troubled neighborhoods, following police runs and focusing on hot spots.

“It takes a lot of different strategies to bring down the violence. There’s no one silver bullet. This is just another tool to use to help drive it down,” says Rev. Harrison.

The group also works to form trusting relationships with neighbors who sometimes become witnesses.

“You want people who knows things to feel free to talk to people and let law enforcement know what’s going on,” says Rev. Harrison.

As Indianapolis is on pace for a record-breaking number of homicides, Conway is committed to making a difference and making her community a safer one.

“We are going to work really hard and we are going to take our neighborhood back,” said Conway.

The Bean Creek community is planning a neighborhood patrol next Monday.