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INDIANAPOLIS — The Better Business Bureau is warning about the latest effort by scammers to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly three years since the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a “pandemic,” the BBB says scammers are trying to use free at-home test kits as a way to steal money or personal information from victims.

The U.S. Postal Service has been alerting Americans that they can order the test kits free of charge.  However, scammers are also reaching out to people, saying they “qualify” for a free test through their insurance company or the government.  As always, the crooks say things like “supplies are limited” and “act now” to give a sense of urgency.

If you reply to the message or phone call, that’s when they start asking for personal information like insurance, or possibly a credit card number to cover a “small shipping fee.”

Of course, there is no actual COVID test, and it’s simply a way for them to get your personal and financial information.

The BBB reminds consumers that you don’t have to “qualify” for a free at-home COVID test.  Anyone who asks for your personal or financial information in order to get you one is a fraud.

Aside from the USPS, there are several official outlets for you to obtain at-home tests, like the CDC, FDA and others.

You’ll find those sources linked to this alert from the BBB.