WESTFIELD, Ind. — A youth basketball team has been banned from the Pacers Athletic Center at Grand Park after a shooting in the parking lot on Sunday night.

Westfield Police were called to the facility around 6:30 p.m. on reports of shots fired. Nobody was injured but several car windows were shattered by bullets.

Parents and an employee at the facility told FOX59/CBS4 that the shooting happened after a fight over a game spilled into the parking lot.

“I’ve never seen anything like that here in the time that we have come so I’m kind of shocked,” said parent Sarah Markley.

According to people who were there at the time of the shooting, the fieldhouse was packed with families watching youth basketball games.

“Of course, I was so shocked and I was scared because I thought it was inside the building,” said parent Jing Sun.

Sun first heard about what had happened from fellow parents. She said she brings her son to practice at the basketball facility several times per week and has never felt unsafe, until now.

“I have never heard about this before you know it’s really new here so it’s unbelievable for me,” Sun said.

The Pacers Athletic Center, which is managed by Card and Associates did not return our requests for comment, but an official at the facility did confirm the authenticity of an email sent out to parents and coaches.

“The team involved has been removed from the league and banned from our facilities,” the email read.

The facility also said in that email that safety is a priority and commended Westfield police for their response.

However, so many were still surprised that game-time frustrations rose to that level.

“It’s just a sport. Just let your kids have fun and enjoy it,” Markley said. “They grow up too fast as it is.”

FOX59/CBS4 reached out to Westfield police for an update on the investigation and we were told they had nothing to share with us and that it remains an active investigation.