Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office pursues suspected stolen bulldozer using armored vehicle


Photo// Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY, Ind. — The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office brought out its armored vehicle early Saturday morning for a slow-moving pursuit in Columbus.

The Office said the pursuit involved a John Deere 650 K Crawler Dozer that the Columbus Police Department believed was stolen. The department called the office to help block intersections due to the bulldozer being extremely large and having the potential to seriously injure or kill anyone in its path.

The office learned of the pursuit in the area of Central Ave. and 17th St. Using a PA system, the office issued orders for the operator, identified as Adam Jackson, to stop. The office decided to bring in the armored vehicle due to the size, weight, and dangerous capability of the dozer.

The office was concerned if the dozer reached a populated residential area that major damage and personal injury/death would occur to anyone and anything in the way of it. No police vehicles would be close to capable of stopping it.

“The MRAP’s purpose is to protect lives and property in the most dangerous situations. We had this situation last night,” said Chief Deputy Chris Lane. “The MRAP was deployed to protect life and property and it worked. This incident could have resulted in a very tragic loss of life if the individual would have lost control and drove through a house while the occupants were sleeping.”

When deputies pulled up next to the dozer and issued orders, Jackson eventually complied and stopped. Jackson was taken into custody and a deputy shut the bulldozer off.

“We don’t like to use this type of tactical vehicle, but we are glad we had it last night,” Lane said. “This type of vehicle is a piece of equipment you hope you never have to use. However, when needed it can save lives and if the need ever arises again we will use it.”

The Columbus Police Department took Jackson into custody, possible criminal charges will be announced by the department later.

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