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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Bar owners across the City can’t wait for customers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day weekend with them, but they’re also making sure their servers know when to cut you off.

Under Indiana law, businesses must stop serving you alcohol if you’re intoxicated. So as this busy weekend kicks off, bar owners are reminding their staff to be proactive and watch for the tell-tale signs of intoxication.

“You look for stumbling when people are walking. Slurred speech. Slow reaction,” said Joel Reitz, owner of O’Reilly’s Irish Bar on Pennsylvania. “I’ve driven guests home myself.”

At 9 Irish Brothers, servers won’t hesitate to bring you water if you’ve had too much to drink and offer to call you a ride.

They also have a unique way to let staff know when someone has been cut off. They will hand that person a black Guinness cup which will let all the bar’s servers know not to serve that person any more alcohol.

“They can stay and still have fun but we just can’t serve them any more alcohol,” said manager Jason Mugg. “They’ve got to keep control of how much the customer’s drinking and keeping control of that is keeping communication going and seeing how the customer is reacting to the alcohol.”

Customers are encouraged to have a designated driver or be ready to leave their car downtown if they’ve been drinking.

“Absolutely leave your car. It will be here Sunday morning,” said Reitz​. “Do not drink and drive. We love you too much. We want to see you again.”