BandGrips: The new way to heal from surgery

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Wendy Stephenson had partial knee replacement surgery this past July. Instead of stitches, she had the incision covered with a high tech band aid, called a BandGrip.

“I was able to shower within 24 hours, which is nice,” says Stephenson. “You don’t have to worry about the water getting beneath it.  They stayed in place. And I think my scar looks a lot better than others that I’ve seen, especially five weeks out.”

BandGrip looks a lot like clear packaging tape.  Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Jack Farr uses it on many of his patients.  He says it works well and patients have fewer problems.

“We’re trying to minimize the trauma and it’s not doing anything to the incision,” says Dr. Farr of OrthoIndy.

The tape features grips or tiny claws, which stick to the skin.  The good new is,  they don’t hurt.

“You can barely see them,” says Dr. Farr.  “They’re like micro-anchors and they’re just one millimeter. And they actually claw into the skin. There’s no pain, but it firmly attaches to it.”

The data shows BandGrip is safe.

“The advantage of this,” says Dr. Farr. “ it stays in place. So that’s great.  Number two, it’s actually taking pressure away from the incision sight.”

Wendy Stephenson used them.  And she’s had no problem at all.

“It was just painless and they can get them on a lot quicker after surgery.”

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