Ball State students team up with NCAA for March Madness coverage

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MUNCIE, IND. – Right now, brackets are on the minds of all basketball fans, with so many games thousands of people depend on getting highlights and score updates from social media.

“Just the reactions I get from people, they are like you actually do that! You are running the NCAA accounts? That is incredible!” said Ball State student Adrian Jarding.

Jarding sends his next tweet, post, or Instagram, he knows he has a massive audience. He is one of thirty Sports Link students at Ball State working with the NCAA during the March Madness tournament, managing their social media accounts. Most have no idea that a college kid is the brains behind their favorite basketball posts.

“I had a GIF that came out and it had about 362 likes and I was like this is incredible,” said Jarding.

This is the third year that Ball State students have teamed up with the NCAA to work on the tournament’s social media campaign.

“It has been a partnership with Sports Link and NCAA and they trust us. They know we are going to do whatever they ask from us,” said BSU student Kaitlyn Young.

The students do not just post information; they also track down and share the content, working to give basketball fans the ultimate social media experience.

“We want people on site to interact and tweet at us so we are getting the best selfies, the best face paint, the cheerleaders, the uniforms and more. Those are the things we are posting,” said Director of Digital Sports Production and Instructor Alex Kartman.

The students sort through thousands of posts, log more than 300 hours of basketball and find the best content of all 132 games. In just a few minutes, every post, video, and picture can reach thousands of people. It is a big responsibility, that these students are more than happy to take on.

“Seeing the fans who are very passionate. They post when their teams are moving on, there is nothing more exciting than that,” said Jarding.

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