Ball State student feels 'targeted' after being removed from class by campus police

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MUNCIE, Ind. -- A video is gaining lots of attention on social media. It shows a Ball State University student being removed from class by campus police.

"When I walked in someone happened to be in my seat and instead of making a scene, making a commotion with the last two minutes, I just decided after the professor asked me to sit in the back, take my seat in the back. It is what it is, no problem, no harm no foul,” said Ball State University Senior, Sultan Benson.

Benson is a Business Administration major at the University. He says this is not how he expected his Marketing 301 class with professor Shaheen Borna, to go early Tuesday afternoon.

Benson says he proceeded to take a seat in the back, plug-in his computer and opened his notes. Halfway through the hour and 15 minutes class, things took a turn.

"He asked me to move my seat, and I just was like why are you singling me out of everybody. his excuse was because my laptop is open,” said Benson.

At that point, Benson says Borna gave him a decision.

"Move the seat or we can call the police."

Benson declined to move since his computer he was using for the class was connected to an electrical outlet.

Professor Borna then called the police. In the video, once they arrive you can see other students with their laptops out and students saying, ‘he didn’t do anything.’ Note: video contains explicit language, viewer discretion is advised

Instead of being escorted by police, Benson decided to walk out to avoid confrontation. He says officers encouraged him to file a complaint.

We found Professor Borna, on-campus and asked him why Benson was removed from class.

"I respectfully decline the interview,” said Ball State University, Professor of Marketing, Shaheen Borna.

Borna went on to say Benson is allowed back in class Thursday and he sent a letter apologizing to Benson and the class.

“Dear Mr. Benson, Today, during our Marketing 310 class, a situation arose that I mishandled. I sincerely apologize for this. As a professor at Ball State University, it is my responsibility to ensure that you and all of my students receive an excellent educational experience. I am sorry that my actions today did not contribute to that. I hope you accept my sincere apology."

As for Benson, he says he doesn't feel comfortable returning to class Thursday and hopes the university takes swift action.

"I really want Ball State to do something. I don't know man, I want them to do something that stands out that's different. I don't want anybody else to feel like this,” said Benson.

The University also released a statement: "Anytime something like this occurs on our campus, the University works to understand what happened and how we can improve based on what we learn. This includes talking with those who were involved and putting into place those measures that will prevent future situations. In this particular situation, in addition to talking with those involved and putting educational and preventative measures in place, the faculty member also sent his own apology to the students in the class. As an institution, we will use this situation to learn and to improve."

Benson met with the Dean of the Business program Wednesday afternoon. The Dean has decided to remove Benson from the class and place him in another one with a different professor. That is effective immediately.

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