Baker under fire after refusing to put anti-gay slur on Bible-shaped cake

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DENVER, CO (January 22, 2015) – A man is taking legal action against a baker after she refused to put an anti-gay slur on a Bible shaped cake. Marjorie Silva told Fox31 Denver that “I just want to make cake for happy people,” Silva said. “I’m Christian. I support Christians. We make a lot of Christian cakes. But this just wasn’t right.”

The whole ordeal started almost a year ago in March 2014. Silva, owner of Azucar Bakery, said a customer cake into her shop asking to have a gay slur written on a Bible-shaped cake. Silva won’t repeat the message the man wanted on his cake, but she said he was “very pushy and disruptive.”

Fox31 reports that Silva told the man she would make the cake with a blank Bible page, and he could write whatever he wanted on the cake. Silva even offered to give the man an instrument to write the words.

The man declined Sila’s offer, and he told Silva she should talk with an attorney.

According to Silva, the man returned a short time later and asked her if she had spoken with an attorney. She told him that she hadn’t. The man left only to return one more time to the store. At that point, Silva called her brother into the shop to ask the man to leave for good.

Silva was then notified by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA). Their notice to her said that a religious discrimination complaint has been filed against Azucar Bakery. She also recently received a notice from DORA requesting her account of the events. The department said it will make a decision within 30 days of the receipt of that letter.

Silva read the letter to Fox31 that she sent to DORA..

“The customer wanted us to draw two males holding hands with a big ‘X’ on them,” Silva said. “We never refuse service. But we did feel it was not right for us to present hateful words or images about human beings.”

Silva recently posted this picture on her Facebook page, and she’s been getting a lot of support from her fans.

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