Avon police catch porch pirate thanks to help from local couple


AVON, Ind. — An Avon couple helped police track down a porch pirate, and saved a Christmas gift from going to the wrong person.

“I can’t stand a thief,” said Amy Coursey, an Avon homeowner.

Sunday afternoon, Ronnie and Amy Coursey pulled into their Avon home and saw someone stealing a package off their front porch.

“She parked in the driveway. So, there was that instinct opportunity to let’s make sure she doesn’t just drive away and find out what’s going on,” said Ronnie Coursey, an Avon homeowner.

The couple pulled in behind the suspect, confronted her and she ended up handing over the package.

“And I just yelled back at Amy to call the police,” said Ronnie.

You can still see the tire tracks right through the Coursey’s front yard. The suspect took off but she didn’t make it too far before police caught and arrested her.

“I think the message is very clear, there are more eyes watching people as they approach residences than ever before,” said Brian Nugent, Deputy Chief with the Avon Police Department.

There were home surveillance cameras recording and the couple gave Avon Police the footage, the suspect and vehicle description.  All clues officers needed to arrest Melissa Solomon.

“She knew what she was doing and there was no doubt about it. You could tell she had done it before. I’m all about not letting the Grinch steal Christmas for anybody else,” said Amy.

The package is actually a Christmas gift for Amy.  She has no clue what it is and admits she doesn’t care.  Amy didn’t want this thief to keep stealing on someone else’s street.

“I could do without my packages, it’s not that big of a deal for me but there are little kids out there that need their Christmases too. I hate a thief,” said Amy.

As the last-minute gifts are being purchased, underneath a wreath is a last-minute decoration.  There’s now a paper taped to the Coursey’s front door, a warning for any other porch pirates that happen to stop by.

“There are good people in the world and you just have to ask for help. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. Just think about other people,” said Amy Coursey.

Solomon is charged with theft and criminal mischief.  Detectives are investigating if Solomon is connected to other package thefts in the area. If you believe you’re a victim, call the Avon Police Department.

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