Audio recordings released of Jared Fogle describing how he seduced children

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(Oct. 29, 2015)– It has been rumored for months that a Florida woman had audio tapes of former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle describing his interest in sex with children.

Those tapes have now gone public.

Rochelle Herman-Waldron, a former radio show host, appeared on “Dr. Phil,” a late afternoon talk show hosted by Dr. Phil McGraw and syndicated by CBS Television Distribution, to describe the phone calls she carried on with the fast food pitchman from Zionsville several years and play the tapes of those conversations.

“I like all ages. That’s the thing, I mean. I like all of them. You know,” Fogle is heard saying on the tape.

When Herman-Walrond asks him if age makes a difference, Fogle said, “Well, it depends which…who is ready for what. You know, who’s going to give you the glance. You know what I mean?”

Herman-Walrond gave her tapes to the FBI.

“And we just start sharing stories and then, you know, we get a little closer and a little closer and a little closer and before you know it …it just it just starts to happen,” said Fogle.

“So, its not that hard to do?” asks Herman-Waldron.

“No, not at all,” said Fogle.

The FBI interest in Fogle was piqued this past spring when agents raided the home of his friend and the president of the Jared Foundation, Russell Taylor, who pleaded guilty to videotaping underage children in various states of undress in his Avon home and then sharing those videos with Fogle.

“What if we put a camera in your kids’ room, would they be okay with that?” Fogle asks Herman-Walrond. “Would you rather have it in your son or your daughter’s room?”

“Which one do you think would be better?” he asks.

“I don’t know,” said Herman-Walrond.

“You tell me,” said Fogle.

Fogles’ home was raided by FBI agents in July.

A month later he pleaded guilty to child pornography and underage sex charges.

Fogle faces up to 12 ½ years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

Recently he paid $1 million to his victims.

Fogle was tossed out of the Zionsville home he shared with his two children and his wife who has filed for divorce.

The celebrity millionaire is living on the north side of Indianapolis with his parents who have publicly expressed their disgust with what their son has admitted.

Fogle recently traveled out of Indiana for sex offender treatment.

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