Attorney general’s office files deception lawsuit against I-70 Mobile Home Park

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Residents at I-70 Mobile Home Park are thrilled their nightmare is on hold after a lawsuit

The Attorney General’s office filed a lawsuit accusing the owner of Blue Lake Inc. of deception under the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act.

“These are the only thing that we have. we own these places and they just want to take them away from us,” said resident, Vickie Peclet.

But now the Attorney General’s office is saying not so fast.

“Were here to provide protection to the homeowners, making certain their rights are protected and that everything is done possibly to make sure that they maintain their home as it was the agreement of the contract they entered into,” said Attorney General Curtis Hill.

On August 15, residents at  I-70 Mobile Home Park got a 60-day notice to move their mobile homes or abandon them. The notice said the mobile home park would close October 15. Now, the attorney general is saying that notice was not fair.

“We believe it’s deceptive to take money and interest from someone in June of 2019 and turn around and give them a notice that they have to be out by October 15. and never have done anything to provide them with the effect of the transfer,” said Hill.

The lawsuit alleges the owners of Blue Lake Inc. of several things including deceptive consumer sales, failure to obtain permits to sell mobile homes and exploiting senior citizens who paid for mobile homes and never received titles.

“It places the consumer in a real bad trick bag and they correctly filed a complaint with our office and that’s why we’re in this here,” said Hill.

Before Thursday, residents did not know what they would wake up to on October 15.

“We was going to have to move into a motel or something temporarily,” said Peclet.

There is a temporary restraining order in place to prevent anything from happening until a court hearing.

“There is no excavation there is no cutting off of utilities,” said Hill.

That court hearing is scheduled for October 18. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

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