Ashley Madison date release info could end up in family court, say attorneys

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (August 19, 2015) – Hackers made good on their threat and say they released the personal information of Ashley Madison users.

Ashley Madison, the site with the slogan “Life is short. Have an affair,” is designed to help people cheat.

The information released could take some time to go through, but it could mean big problems for Ashley Madison’s clients.

One local divorce attorney said that Indiana is a no-fault divorce state, meaning courts aren’t concerned with why people get divorced. If someone has an affair, the court doesn’t care.

However, if children are involved, for example, if they’ve been exposed to the web site or pictures or people from the site, that could impact family court and with child custody.

This new information released includes names, credit card numbers and how much money was spent.

But, a simple Google and search will not bring up a client’s information.

The data was posted on what’s called the “dark web,” meaning users need a special web browser to search.

But, if and when this makes its way to the main stream, divorce attorneys say, this kind of infidelity often ends marriages.

“We’ve had many cases where the evidence, whether it’s, most of the time dealing with children, from Facebook, from Instagram, all those sorts of places, Twitter, that makes it into court,” said attorney Justin Bowen with Bowen & Associates, LLC, in Carmel. “So it has absolutely affected the dissolution in Indiana, no question.”

Moving ahead, the company that owns Ashley Madison says this is a criminal act, and it is working with police.

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