As IMPD opens tip line, retired detective says murderers often talk about crime to friends, acquaintances

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - An IMPD retired homicide detective laid out the barriers investigators work through to get information.

Meanwhile, IMPD opened a temporary tip line in hopes callers will report something on the recent murder of a Subway employee or the killing of four people on the northeast side. The number to call is 317-327-3475.

Retired IMPD Detective Robert Snow worked hundreds of homicide cases during his time with the department. He said fear prevents people from coming forward.

"People are scared, and that's why it's important to have Crime Stoppers," Snow said, "to have a confidential tip line."

Detectives work with the information they receive along with evidence collected at the scene. Sometimes it is not enough to solve the cases.

"If nobody saw anything, or they don't want to get involved, you go to your informants and [ask], 'What have they heard?' or, if they haven't heard anything yet, have them ask around," Snow said.

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Snow talked about the bartering system detectives sometimes use.

"Quite often, you've got a person who's facing some serious drug charges," Snow said. "Now they realize they have the 'get out of jail free card,' if they have information that can help solve a murder and you've got a couple of drug charges hanging over you, it's kind of a 'get out of jail free card.'"

According to Snow, criminals do not often keep quiet about the crimes they commit.

"Though it's a foolish thing to do, quite often they like to talk to other people about it, tell girlfriends, wives and quite often they'll talk to friends about it."

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